1.        Do I pay for delivery?

Yes delivery charges will be included in your purchase. 2. Tracking my Order. You can track your order by logging in and then check order history on the dashboard and then select the order you would like to track. 3. I haven’t received my order. You can see your delivery progress by tracking your order to know where your order is. 4. How can I return an item? You can return an item by logging in and clicking on order history on your dashboard and then select the order you would like to return, click on the return option and then give reasons for return and then submit request. 5. How do I join thechampionmall.com as a customer, seller, delivery partner, affiliate member E.T.C You can join thechampionmall.com as either of this by going to the bottom of thechampionmall.com and selecting your preferred choice. 6. Do I need an account to shop on thechampionmall.com? No you do not need to have an account to shop on thechampionmall.com. All you need is a valid email address and home address to facilitate delivery. 7. How do I cancel my order. You can cancel your order by logging in and then selecting order history, then click on the order you would like to cancel and then select the cancel order option, give reasons for cancellation and then submit request. 8. How do I pay on thechampionmall.com You can pay on thechampionmall.com based on what option you select that best suits you when you are about checking out. 9. Can I return an item if the seal is broken? Product can not be returned after seal is broken. 10. Can someone pick up my prepaid order? Yes, someone can pick up your order. A form of identification to certify would be required though.

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