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FlexiBuy allows you to create your shopping/market list based on your desired quantity and budget.
Also, we are able to source for you any products not on our website currently.

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For Fresh products like tomatoes, onion, raw meat, input the amount/kg in the quantity column eg 2 kilos or 200 naira.
For Other products like spaghetti, input the quantity/units eg 1carton or 10 pieces in the quantity column.
For Item description, input full details of your products eg Name, weight (g/kg), brand and specification where applicable.
For Quantity, input amount or quantity eg N2000, 1kg, 10cartons.

Item Description Quantity
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We give you the actual market price and only charge a service fee of 17.5 percent.
Order placed before 12 noon, same day delivery Order placed after 12 noon next day delivery.
You can also indicate your preferred delivery date.

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