The Champion Mall “PAY FOR MY ORDER” is the premier capability offered to our customers to curate orders on our platform and through the secured virtual terminal è TCMSVT send a payment request to someone else to make the payment. This allows a customer to place an order and the capability for someone else to make the payment. This could be a parent child relationship, marriage/birthday gifts list request, friend2friend relationship, or loved one relationship etc.

The person whom the PFMO has been sent, has a view of the items in the order and the total cost that has been requested for payment. The functionality to accept or reject the request is available to this person.

If the payer accepts to make the payment, TCMSVT opens the payment gateway for processing and if rejected, the option to send back a reason/comment for rejection.

In consciousness of fraud and to ensure our customers are protected, only a verified TCM KYC’d customer could utilize this service.

Simply put, Pay for My Order lets someone else pay for you when you shop on the Champion Mall online marketplace.

It’s as easy as selecting the items you’d like to buy, add them to the cart, click on buy now, in the payment option, select pay for my order, enter the details of the potential payee, and leave the rest to TCMSVT to complete the process for you.

When we designed PFMO, carefully we ensured that only the minimal amount of information is shared between the customer and potential payee.

When a PAYEE accepts the PFMO request, they'll only see the recipient's name and the details of the products they're about to pay for. Other information such as the recipient's delivery address will be kept private - only the seller will have access to it.

Steps to use PFMO

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